Writing & Editing

I began Wordsmith of Austin as a résumé service. While résumés and supporting correspondence remain an important component of my business, I've added other services at the request of résumé clients who returned to me when they had different important writing projects. Over the years, I've completed major documentation and research projects for such clients as
  • IBM Corporation
  • Tivoli Systems
  • Research & Planning Consultants
  • Forte Managed Care
  • ConAgra
  • DuPont
  • The Hayashibara Companies (Japan)
Projects have included documentation of complex business procedures and software implementations, original documentation of new software products, creation of help screens, petitions to the FDA for regulatory approval of food products, field research studies in agriculture, business plans, proposals, and complex reports and litigation support documents on a wide variety of issues including corporate management, environmental, and regulatory issues.
With a strong lay background in the natural sciences and research methods, as well as sound business sense, I can provide the documentation to make your project a success.