Résumés & Cover Letters

How It Works

Sometimes a job search is a real chore, but you can think of it as getting a start on a whole new life. With the right kind of assistance in preparing for your job search, you can be confident that when opportunities open you'll be able to capitalize on them.
I created Wordsmith of Austin as a résumé service more than 20 years ago. Now, I have worked through job searches with more than 15,000 clients in virtually all professions and disciplines. I've always interviewed clients directly rather than having them fill out forms both because I like the learning experience and because I can give better service and value that way.
Your résumé, bio, or cover letter from Wordsmith of Austin will be appropriate to both print and online presentations, and easily adaptable to the many different forms you'll find on the Internet and in human resources offices.
  1. We have to discuss your background and can do that by direct interview if you're local in Austin, by e-mail or telephone (512) 451-2632. If you call, I can call you right back to save your long distance dollars.
  2. We'll agree on the work to be done and the fee. We'll also agree on payment arrangements. My fees depend on how complicated you are. You won't be obligated until I've given you a firm price and you've ordered the service.
  3. I'll request payment via PayPal, or we'll make other arrangements depending on your circumstances.
  4. You'll e-mail or fax any existing documents we agree on, and I'll interview you by telephone or at my office. I won't ask you to fill out a form, write your own résumé, and have me format it for you. I want to interview and learn about you so I can give you the best résumé possible.
  5. I'll draft the documents and e-mail them to you, or if you're local you can pick them up. Then we'll work back and forth by e-mail, telephone, or an office visit until you're happy with the final product.
  6. I'll send you the electronic versions of the documents and a request for any remaining balance via PayPal. If you've come to see me in my office, I'll print on a good paper for you.
  7. If you're only getting the electronic version, I'll advise you on the paper to use for printing your résumé.

What You'll Get

  • A quality résumé in Word, Acrobat, HTML,and text formats that will enable you to apply in print or online using e-mail or a corporate résumé generator.
  • Cover letters that fit each job in which you are interested.
  • Support for making online applications and writing followups to interviews.
  • If we've worked in person at my office, you'll get printed originals on a good stationery.

My Commitment To You

To work with you to write the best possible documents to help you in your job search. That commitment is open ended. We'll work on it until it's finished and done as well as possible. Thereafter, I'll update it for you indefinitely at a fraction (usually about 30%) of the original fee.