Academic Editing & Tutorials

Sometimes having the wisdom of an owl is knowing where to turn for assistance. I've worked with both undergraduates and graduate students on major writing projects since I was myself an undergraduate too long ago to talk about. I've developed special skills in providing editorial and tutorial services to students for whom English is a second language. These services are available both locally as direct tutorials and online in a kind of distance-learning format.
When it is appropriate for me to do so, I am available for original research and writing. Usually such projects are for business clients.

What You'll Get

You'll get back two versions of your edited work:
The first will show all my first-pass edits using the change-tracking utility in the word processor. This document will show you the bulk of the changes I've made.
The second will be with the changes accepted and whatever minor touchups I've found were needed after the intial changes. You'll need to go over this carefully to make sure I've kept the meaning you intended or that we've agreed on in discussions through the editing process.

How It Works

Contact Wordsmith of Austin by e-mail or telephone: (512) 451-2632 to discuss your project and exactly what kind of help you need.
After we've agreed on the specifics, a price, and payment arrangements, we'll get to work so that we're sure of meeting your deadline. I'll send a request for payment via PayPal that conforms to the agreement we have reached about when and in what amounts payment will be made. Of course, if you're local to Austin, we'll just get together at my office.
We may have to discuss some of the content as the editing or tutorial progresses, and we'll work out whether to do that by telephone or e-mail. These discussions will not add to your cost.